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Greetings from the staff at Ideal Fitness of CT

(Left to right: Mary, Amy, Steve, April, Dr. Tortland, Nancy, Pam)

WELCOME to Ideal Fitness of CT, Connecticut’s oldest and most experienced Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method clinic.  Founded by nationally-recognized sports medicine expert, Dr. Paul Tortland, Ideal Fitness of CT is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of losing weight safely, effectively . . . and permanently.

Achieving a healthy weight will help you:

  1. Feel better

  2. Look healthier

  3. Have more energy and stamina

  4. Reduce joint aches & pains

  5. Reduce cardiovascular risk factors

  6. Lower your cholesterol

  7. Reduce your blood pressure

  8. Improve your sugar metabolism and reduce insulin resistance

For example, every pound of weight lost results in five pounds of stress taken off your knees, seven pounds off your ankles, and a whopping ten pounds off your spinal discs!

The Ideal Protein weight loss method is a medically supervised program that will help you lose weight without medications or surgery, without counting points or calories, without measuring portions, and without exercise.  It is an easy-to-follow and highly effective plan, with men losing an average of 4-7 pounds a week, and women losing an average of 2-3 pounds weekly.




Thurs, Apr 17, 2014        7 pm, Glastonbury

Weds, Apr 30, 2014        7 pm, Avon

Weds, May 28, 2014       7 pm, Avon

Thurs, Jun 19, 2014        7 pm, Glastonbury

Weds, Jun 25, 2014        7 pm, Avon

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Weight Loss in 2013

(total weight lost by our dieters so far):

over 13,000 lbs!


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